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$140/Session, sessions run between 75-90 minutes.

Payment (Cash/Check) is due at time of service. Payment for package deals is due in advance of any work completed. I do not accept health insurance at this time. You may prepay for a single session or a package deal with a Credit Card online via PayPal if it is more convenient for you (see below for link), payment is due in advance of your next visit. Gift Certificates are also available for purchase in person at my office.

Package Deals: 

  • The '4-Series' -- 4 sessions for $520 (a $60 discount) -- A Great intro to KMI, covering the entire body over four sessions, Perfect if you're only around a short while or if you want to try out a few sessions before committing to the full 12-Series process. 
  • Buy the full 12-session series for $1,540 (a $220 discount!) 

Schedule An Appointment

All appointments are scheduled directly via e-mail/phone/text. Please go to the 'Locations & Contact' page to contact me directly and check for availability. 24 hour notice required for appointment cancellation or full payment is due before your next visit. 

I also offer a free 30 minute consultation if you would like to come in and discuss my work in greater detail and get a sense of whether or not it is a good fit for you. This is an optional service I offer my clients, it is not a prerequisite for booking a session.  




"Structural Integration can be like making your bed in the morning. You think you're going to get by without pulling that bed apart, so you pull up this cover and the next cover. When you get all the covers pulled up, you've got nine ridges running across the bed. Now you've got to pull the top covers back again, and you've got to go to a deeper layer and organize the deeper layer, and make your bed on top of that. Then you've got a made bed. Well it's the same with a body: you've got to organize those deeper layers." ˜Ida Rolf